Other Spares/ Accessories for Steam Sterilizers/Autoclaves
Item Code Dimensions
AU613 Sterilization indicator sticker (pack of 100).
AU620 Heat resistant handles for super deluxe series (specify size of autoclave) with screws (pair pack)
AU621 Immersion heater for autoclave, 2 kw.
AU622 Rubber gasket ( specify dia of autoclave).
AU623 Pressure gauge 0-30 psi, colour coded.
AU624 Excess pressure release valve.
AU625 Calibrated continuous bleeding stop cock.
AU626 Bakelite wing nut for economy /deluxe series
AU627 Steam release knob.
AU628 Flexible metal exhaust tube with release knob.
AU629 Timer 0-60 minutes ( built-in in any electric autoclave).
AU630 Electric cord with plug and socket for autoclave.(to be used with autoclaves electric at 220V / 50 Hz. AC.)
MZ015 Timer 0-60 minutes, independent (see under miscellaneous product head).

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Other Spares/ Accessories for Steam Sterilizers/Autoclaves


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