Item Code Capacity
G010.0125 125ml
G010.0300 300ml
    BOTTLES : Capillary Bore with PTFE Stopper.
Item Code Capacity
G030.0010 10 ml
G030.0025 25 ml
G030.0050 50 ml
    BOTTLES : Gas Washing with I/C Stopper.
Item Code Capacity
G060.0125 125ml
G060.0250 250ml
G060.0500 500ml
    BOTTLES : Reagent with I/C Joint and glass stopper, narrow mouth.
Item Code Capacity
G015.0060 60ml
G015.0125 125ml
G015.0250 250ml
G015.0500 500ml
G015.1000 1000ml
G015.2000 2000ml
    BOTTLES : Reagent with I/C stopper, Amber, Narrow Mouth.
Item Code Capacity
G020.0060 60ml
G020.0125 125ml
G020.0250 250ml
G020.0500 500ml
G020.1000 1000ml
G020.2000 2000ml
    BOTTLES : Wash with I/C Stopper.
Item Code Capacity
G047.0250 250ml
G047.0500 500ml
G047.1000 1000ml
    BOTTLES : Weighing with I/C Stopper
Item Code Capacity
G042.2040 20x40mm
G042.2560 25x60mm
G042.3065 30x65mm
G042.4090 40x90mm
G042.5035 50x35mm
G042.6040 60x40mm
    Only Bottles for Gas Washing Bottles suitable for (G060).
Item Code Capacity
G066.0125 125ml
G066.0250 250ml
G066.0500 500ml
    Only Flask for Bottles suitable for (G047).
Item Code Capacity
G056.0250 250ml
G056.0500 500ml
G056.1000 1000ml
    Only Stopper for Gas Wash Bottle suitable for (G047).
Item Code Capacity
G052.0250 250ml
G052.0500 500ml
G052.1000 1000ml
    Only Stopper for Gas Washing Bottle suitable for (G060).
Item Code Capacity
G063.0125 125ml
G063.0250 250ml
G063.0500 500ml
    BOTTLES : Relative Density.
Item Code Capacity
G035.0010 10ml
G035.0025 25ml
G035.0050 50ml
    BOTTLES : Solution, Tooled neck.
Item Code Capacity
G025.0250 250ml
G025.0500 500ml
G025.1000 1000ml
G025.2000 2000ml

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