Student Doom Projection Microscope
    Stand : Stable and robust, assembled from Aluminium Die-Cast parts.
    Body : Monocular Fixed Straight Tube, Mechanical Tube length 160mm.
    Stage : Fixed Square Stage Size 115 x 115mm with graduated detachable mechanical stage for convenient adjustment of Slide manipulation upto 40 x 75mm.
    Nosepiece : Triple revolving nosepiece with positive centering & click stops.
    Condenser: Fixed built-in lamp condenser N.A. 0.65.
    Focussing : Separate knobs are provided for coarse and fine focussing. Coarse adjustment can be made through rack-pinion & fine movement by screw-lever mechanism.
    Safety Device : Upper stopper for preventing accidental damage to slides.
    Illumination : 20W Halogen Bulb is provided with solid state variable light control knob, for adjusting the intensity of light, along with ON/OFF Switch. Lamp slots are provided for natural cooling of the illuminator. The Transformer is built in the base operates on 220V / 110V.
    Screen : 150mm diameter round Glass Projection Screen is provided for relaxed fatigue-free viewing over long period, can be rotated through 360º on microscope tube.
    Objectives : Achromatic 5x, 10x & 45x SL.
    Eyepieces : Huygenian 10x and 15x.
    Accessories : Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush and spare bulb.
    Packing : In Attache case with lock & key.
Item Code Title
MC549 Student Doom Projection Microscope, has only two objectives 10x & 45x Screen Size 100mm and without Detachable Mechanical Stage.
MC550 Student Doom Projection Microscope, has achromatic objectives 5x, 10x & 45x SL, Screen size 150mm diameter, with graduated detachable mechanical stage.

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Student Doom Projection Microscope


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