• Use : The equipment is used for basic radiography requirements. It has tube current of 200mA with high frequency level.
  • Features :
  • Preprogrammed parameters for photography of Adult and child for Multi positions.
  • Easy to operate as already pre programmed.
  • Fault-code alarm function.
  • LCD touch screen for parameter setting along with the remote control.
  • High Frequency and Voltage ensures Sharp image and Low skin dose.
Technical Parameters :
Power output
Inverter Frequency
Dual Focus
Small 0.6, Large 1.3
Tube Voltage
Tube Current
  • Use : Same as XR1040 but Tube current of 500mA and normal frequency.
  • Features :
  • Compact system for easy installation in narrow spaces
  • .
Technical Parameters :
Power output
Dual focus
Small :1 , Large: 2
Tube Voltage
Tube Current
Power Supply
380V±38V, 50Hz
  • Use : NET mobile x ray equipments used in operation rooms, wards and emergency rooms etc. It serves the radiographic requirement of head, chest and limbs.
  • Features :
  • Flexible movement with Compact appearance, convenient in operation.
  • With high voltage electrical tube with enough power. Three modes (15 mA, 30mA, 50mA), Different current can be selected as per the photography requirement.
  • Anti electric shock, anti scattering and full wave rectifier.
  • Stable and reliable electric performance.
  • 120° Telescopic rotating angle.
Technical Parameters :
Power output
Commute Method
FullWave Commutation
Tube voltage
Power Supply
220V± 10%, 50 Hz
Operation Method
Wire / wireless control
  • Use : NET mobile high-frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment can be used in radiology, orthopedics, wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICU for radiography on human body, such as head, limbs, chest and spine. It has build in battery back up and can work during power supply. It is suitable for radiography requirement in emergency conditions and outdoors.
  • Features :
  • With High voltage generator
  • LCD display, parameter memory, Techniques of kV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and Microprocessor based control to ensure precision and repeatability of the dose
  • With 50 preset exposure programs. Process parameters can be changed and modified.
  • Emergency stop button, Screen display of Error number in case of problem
  • Automatic recovery system of parameters on power cut off.
  • With high voltage protection, tube over-current protection, output overload protection function
  • Pillar can rotate 90 deg clockwise and anticlockwise
  • With battery back up. Can take upto 2000 images in case of power failure.
Technical Parameters :
Power output
Tube voltage
Power Supply
220V± 10%, 50 Hz
Operation Method
Wire / wireless control

  • Use : It is widely used in orthopedics, urology surgery, spinal surgery, abdominal, pain management, digestive system, gynecology and obstetrics etc.
  • Features :
  • High power generator with digital CCD camera to provide high resolution image
  • Pulse fluoroscopy with controlled exposure and ultra-low radiation dose.
  • Double high resolution LCD monitors ensure image quality .
  • Work station has high-capacity digital storage function. Fluoroscopy and digital spot film can be stored in digitized form. It also has functions such as edge enhancement, multiple mirror image, gamma correction, cine loop, window width & window level, expert template and CD writer. It has dicom 3.0 interface to connect the internet
  • Electric motor control for accurate positioning and all round rotation .
Technical Parameters:
Output Power 6kw 12kw 16kw
Dual Focus: Small/Large 0.3/0.6 0.3/0.6 0.3/0.6
Inverter Frequency 60kHz 60kHz 60kHz
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