AN325 - Anesthesia machine integrated for Pediatric and Adult
  • With 10.4 TFT color screen
  • Mounted on 4 castors. 2 front castors with brakes.
  • With 1 safety lock and 3 big drawers.
  • Handle for easy maneuvering.
  • Aluminium alloy rail frame. With durable and non-corrosive stainless steel platform.
  • Equipped with high precise Anesthesia Vaporizer (with temperature, flow and pressure compensation function). The agent output is continuous, stable & precise. The agent type: Isoflurane / Enflurane / Halothane / Sevoflurane (Select any two)
  • With Volume & pressure ventilation modes.
  • Classical CO2 circle absorber with 2 canisters for low resistance and minimum gas leakage.
  • Fresh gas outlet is in front of frame for the user to easily connect Jackson-Rees circuit.
  • With upgraded with functions, eg, CO2 Monitor, Multi-parameter monitor, Anesthesia depth monitor, etc.
  • Working interfaces for adult and pediatric are separated; the doctor can choose interface according to patient type.
Optional: O2, N2O Yoke device. When main gas supply is fails, The backup gas supply starts.
Features :
Application : Adult, Pediatric
Drive mode : Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
Mode : Semi-open, Semi-closed or closed system
Anesthetic vaporizer : Two high precise vaporizers, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane.
Power supply : 220V±10%, 50Hz ±1Hz
Internal battery : DC12V (over 4 working hours)
Fresh gas outlet is in front of frame

Anesthesia Ventilator :
Waveform : P-t, F-t, V-t, F-v, V-p
Tidal Volume : 20~1600ml
Respiratory frequency : 1 ~ 65 BPM
I: E ratio: 4: 1~1: 4
Inspiration pause : 0~55%Ti
Inspiration Pressure : 1~60cmH2O
Trigger Pressure :


Monitoring parameters : O2 concentration, MV, Respiratory frequency, Tidal volume, Ppeak, PEEP, I: E ratio, Pmean, etc.
Alarm parameters : High pressure alarm, low pressure alarm, O2 concentration alarm, MV alarm, O2 source failure alarm, AC power failure alarm, etc.

Pressure alarm setting :

High pressure alarm set 1~60cmH2O

Low pressure alarm set 0~20cmH2O

O2 concentration alarm setting:

high 21~99%

low 21~50%

MV alarm setting :

MV high alarm set 10~99L/min

MV low alarm set 0~40L/min

Main Unit :
Circle absorber : Compact circle absorber
Flow meter : Five~tube flow meter
O2 tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min.
N2O tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min.
Air tube: 0L/min~10L/min
O2 and N2O Linkage Device
Keep oxygen concentration over 25%
Oxygen Flush : 25L/min ~ 75L/min
Gas source pressure : O2: 0.25Mpa ~ 0.65Mpa
N2O: 0.25Mpa ~ 0.65Mpa
Air: 0.25Mpa ~ 0.65Mpa
Gauge : 4 units, 2 x O2, N2 O, Air.

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Anesthesia Machine with 10.4" TFT screen


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