Accessories for NET-Silver Stereo Microscopes
    Accessories for NET-Silver Stereo Microscopes.
Item Code Title
MC571 Spare Eypiece : WF10X (paired)
MC571A Spare Eypiece : WF15X (paired)
MC571B Spare Eypiece : WF20X (paired)
MC572 Auxillary Objective : 0.5X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes
Auxillary Objective : 2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes
MC573 Dark Field Attachment: consisting of special system and movable Gem clamp.
MC577 Spare Lamp : 20Watts halogen lamp for incident illuminator.
MC578 Eyepiece with graticules : Micrometer disc, cross line, graph, accentric circles etc.
MC579 Polarising Attachment for examination of geological specimen under polarised light.
MC600 Gliding Stage: For quick scanning of the specimen in x-y direction.
MC601 Fibre Optic illuminator: Single light guide.
MC602 Fibre Optic illuminator: Double light guide.
MC603 Fibre Optic illuminator: Ring light guide.
MC604 Incident Halogen Illuminator: Spot light halogen illumination for Stereo Microscopes.
MC605 Dark Field Attachment for Embryology : consists of dark field system and a adapter for petri-dishes.

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Accessories for NET-Silver Stereo Microscopes


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