NET brand Cryo Boxes are moulded in Polycarbonate making it extra strong and autoclavable. These can be accommodate Cryo Vials of upto 4.5ml capacity and are designed to be used at temperatures ranging from -190°C to +121°C. The transparent cover of the box gives a good view of the contents inside and is numbered for better inventory control.
Item Code Title
P108.5018 50 Places for 1ml or 1.8ml Cryo Vials
P108.8118 81 Places for 1ml or 1.8ml Cryo Vials
P108.1018 100 Places for 1ml or 1.8ml Cryo Vials
    Moulded in Polypropylene, the top of the box is attached to the bottom through well designed built-in hinges. The bottom has built-in spaces to hold vials upto 2ml. Capacity. Available in two different sizes, these autoclavable boxes bear alpha numeric index for easy identification of different vials placed inside.
Item Code Title
P109.1018 Cryo Box (PP), 100 Places for 1ml or 1.8ml Cryo Vials
P109.8118 1Cryo Box (PP), 81 Places for 1ml or 1.8ml Cryo Vials
    Cryo Vials are normally used for storage of Biological material, human & animal cells at temperature as low as -190° C. These sterilized tubes are provided with white prominent graduations and a long marking area for sample identification. The cap of these vials is provided with a seal ring inside to make it completely leakproof. The longitudinal grooves in the base gives a non-twisting feature to these vials when placed in a cryo rack.

    Material :Polypropylene / Popyethylene (PP/PE)
Item Code Capacity
P103.0001 1.0 ml.
P103.0018 1.8 ml.
P103.0045 4.5 ml.
Rack Scintillation Vial
    These racks for scintillation vials, moulded in Polypropylene, are autoclavable & corrosion resistant. There is an individual rack for both 8ml & 20ml vials. There rugged & stable racks can hold scintillation vials for convenient storage, handling & sample preparations.
Item Code Title
P101.5020 Rack for 50 Vials of 20ml capacity
P101.9008 Rack for 90 Vials of 8ml capacity
RIA Vial
    These Polypropylene / Polystyrene tubes are generally used in RIA, Coagulation & Becteriology. The Polyproplene tubes are clear and can withstand 3000 RCF during Centrifugation while the transparent Polystyrene tubes can withstand 1400 RCF. The PP tubes can accept common acids, alkalies and solvents at room temperature while the PS tubes can accept mild bases, weak acids but not organic solvents.
Item Code Title
P89.1275PP Ria Vial, 12 x 75mm/PP
P89.1275PS Ria Vial, 12 x 75mm/PS
P89.12CAP Cap for 12mm RIA Tube
Scintillation Vial, High Density Polyethylene
    These unbreakable vials, moulded in Polyethylene, are fitted with leakproof screw caps. These vials can be used with standard counting equipment for liquid scintillation system and are excellent for low activity count.
Item Code Czpacity
P99.0008 SV - 8 ml.
P99.0010 SV - 20 ml.
Storage Vial, Polypropylene / Polyethylene
    As the name suggest, these vials are commonly used for storage of biological material, human & animal cells at temperature as low as -190°C. The Cap is provided with a built in seal ring making the vial leakproof. The base of the vial has longitudinal grooves which gives it a non-twisting character when placed in a vial rack.
Item Code Title
P93.0001 1.0 ml.
P93.0002 2.0 ml.
P93.0005 5.0 ml.
SV10-SV5, Polypropylene
    These polypropylene vials add to the existing range of NET brand storage vials. Available in 5ml & 10ml capacities, these vials have polypropylene cap with built in seal ring making it a leakproof vial. Just like others storage vials these vials are also used for the storage of biological material, animal & human cells etc.
Item Code Capacity
P97.0005 5 ml.
P97.0010 10 ml.
P112.9610 - MICROTIP BOX, Polypropylene
  • MICROTIP BOX, Polypropylene.
Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
Item Code Description
P112.9610 96, 100 microtips
P102.0002 - CRYO Vial-Internal Thread
    Adding to the existing range of Cryo Vials which has internal thread in it. The cap is fitted with an O-ring screws in to the vial and makes it a leakproof Cryo Vial. These Vials are provided with white, prominent graduation and a long marking area for sample identification.
Material : Polypropylene
Item Code Description
P102.0002 2.0 ml
P104.0001 - CRYO Coders, Polystyrene
    These Coders available in different colours can easily fit into the cap of cryo vials for colour identification of different samples.
P105.0001 - CRYO Rack
    NET brand Cryo Rack is moulded in Polycarbonate making it tough, durable & autoclavable. This handy rack can hold 50 vials at a time. The unique feature of this rack is that vials can be unscrewed without actually picking them up as the vial will lock in every well and hence will not twist. This rack is provided with four anti skid rubbers & each well is identified with an alpha-numeric index.
Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
Item Code Description
P105.0001 Cryo Rack
P90.1275PP - Ria Vial Screw Cap
    These Polypropylene Vials are unique because the cap fitted with an O-ring can be screwed into the vial making it a leakproof vial which can be used in RIA, Coagulation & Bacteriology etc.
Material :Polycarbonate (PP)
Item Code Size
P90.1275PP 12 x 75mm
P95.0002 - Storage Vial-Internal Thread
    Another addition to the range of storage vials is this vial which has internal thread in it. The cap fitted with an O-ring screws in to the vial and makes it a leakproof storage vial.
Material :Polycarbonate (PP)
Item Code Capacity
P95.0002 2.0 ml.
P94.0002 - Storage Vial With O-Ring
    This is newly added vial has an O-ring in the cap that makes it absolutely leakproof. Like other storage vials this vial can also be used for storage purpose at temperature as low as -190ºC
Material : Polypropylene (PP)
Item Code Capacity
P94.0002 2.0ml.

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