I.V. Cannula with Injection Port & Wings, Sterile - CE Marked
NEEDLE : Siliconised, bevelled, back cut ground stainless steel needle for smooth and painless venipuncture. Made of Stainless Steel AISI304, diameter and length according to ISO standard.

NEEDLE HUB: All I.V.Cannulae have specially designed needle hub to prevent any de-stabilisation and bending of the needle during venipuncture. Specially curved thumb guard for proper grip during insertion.

NEEDLE COVER: Protects the needle and catheter from contamination. Prevents accidental damage to the needle and catheter.

CATHETER: PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) / FEP catheter is dual tapered, bevelled tip & siliconized which offers high resistance to kinking. Minimum resistance during insertion due to its lowest coefficient of friction & improved tip design. High chemical resistance and excellent bio compatibility. Thin walled catheter allows maximum flow rate for a specific gauge of Cannula. Optimum trim distance. Choice between stripped radiopaque and transparent catheter.

FLASH BACK CHAMBER: Flash back chamber allows monitoring of instantaneous flash of blood after venipuncture confirming correct catheter placement. Specially designed to prevent any spillage of blood.

WINGS (DS101 & DS105): Angled wings offer easy fixation and prevent slipping & rolling of cannula over the patients body.

INJECTION PORT (DS101 ONLY): Provided with injection site. Which has one way retreating valve (silicon tube) to facilitate extra medication and to prevent back flow. The Injection valve is provided with specially designed cap incorporating a recessed plug with a protective skirt to effectively prevent contamination when the valve is not in use. It offers safe and convenient method of atraumatic administration of medicines. Colour coded to identify the gauge of the needle.

The product is sterile and individually packed in rigid blister sealed with peel-open type medical grade paper. (Tyvek packing available upon request). Disposable, Sterile, non-toxic and Non-Pyrogenic. Each I.V. Cannula is provided with a threaded stopper.
Item Code Size
DS101-14 14G
DS101-16 16G
DS101-17 17G
DS101-18 18G
DS101-20 20G
DS101-22 22G
DS101-24 24G
DS101-26 26G

Size Colour I.D.
in mm.
in mm.
in mm.
Water Flow
in ml./min.
14G Orange 1.7 2.1 45 270
16G Grey 1.3 1.7 45 180
17G White 1.1 1.5 45 125
18G Green 0.9 1.3 45 80
20G Pink 0.8 1.1 32 54
22G Blue. 0.6 0.9 25 33
24G Yellow. 0.5 0.7 19 20
26G Voilet 0.4 0.6 19 19

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I.V. Cannula with Injection Port & Wings, Sterile - CE Marked


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