USE : Elisa reader is a semi automated bench top instrument designed for clinical immunity-test to measure antibodies . The test is done in an ELISA plate, also known as microplate. The ELISA reader reads the plate. It is mostly used in hospitals and Epidemic prevention stations.

  • Accurate Measurement due to Qualitative and quantitative Analysis.
  • Presetting of 120 Inspection programme
  • POST (Power on self-test) function
  • Detection of Single and Double wavelength.
Discription Parameters
Measurement System 8- channel optional system
Range 0.000-4.000 Abs
Repeatability ≤ 0.5%
Linearity Error 0.0 - 2.0 ±0.5%,2.0-3.0 ± 1.0%,3.0 -4.0 ±3%
Filters Standard 4 Filters,(405, 450, 492, 630 nm),Or 10 Filters maximum 10
Display Touch Screen
    Use: Micro plate washer is an Accessory to Micro plate Reader, It is used to wash the enzymatic plate after detecting.

  • 2 Point absorbance function, Spill Proof
  • 3 Different washing channels with vibration plate function
  • Set Liquid Injection speed for 3 different channels
  • Rinsing function with Bottom Hole, Set rinsing time.
Discription Parameters
Washing Head 8 or 12 channels
Microplate 96, 48 hole Microplate
Washing times option 1-99 presettable
Washing Rows Option 1-12 presettable
Soak Time 1-86400 s
Residual Volume < 1μl/ well
    This is used in the clinic of hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and health protection stations for biochemical tests. It can test totally 35 parameters.

  • 200 programs and 5000 results can be presented and saved.
  • Equipped with detected calibration function, calibration results are automatically saved, the program parameters can be changed during inspection.
  • Single & double-wavelength detections.
Item Parameters
Wavelength range 300-800nm
Measurement range -0.100-3.500abs
Precision ±3nm
Repeatability ≤1%
Cross-contamination ≥ 1%
Colorimetric pool Titanium Alloy
Filter Standard 7 filters,(340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 630nm),Or 9 filters maximum based on requirement.
    USE: Coagulometer analyzes development of Blood clot in Blood or Blood plazma. It is used for coagulation, chromomeric substrate method, immune turbidity method .

  • Easy to operate with touch screen
  • Quality control function, Automatic signal sensing reagents
  • Calibration and Calibration correction function
  • 1000 results memory
Discription Parameters
Number of channels 4(37&C ± 1&C)
Reagent Position 7
Sample Position 12
Interchannel Error ≤ 10%
Measurement Accuracy ±10%
Linear Correlation Coefficient 0.975
Repeatability <5%
    USE: This is a Diagnostic Equipment used to detect parameters of red Blood Cells and hemoglobin, platelet and leukocyte in the Blood.

  • Easy to operate with start up menu
  • Based on Electrical Impedance principle(EI). 22 parameters, with Integrated data Processing
  • Storage up to 10,000 sample results
  • Built in Thermal Printer
  • Non toxic, Biodegradable reagents.
Discription Parameters
Sample Volume Whole Blood Model:13μl ; Pre-dilute model: 20μl
LCD Display 8"
Test Speed 60samples/ hour
Voltage AC 110-240V, 50Hz
Continuous work time >8h
Interface RS232 interface
    USE: The equipment is used to measure concentrations of K+, Na+, C1 and Ca++ and pH value.

  • Advances ISE Technology(Ion Selective Electrode).
  • Fast and accurate results.
  • Revises data automatically
  • RS232 serial port.
Discription Parameters
Sample Whole Blood, Serum or Urine
Sample Volume 90μl
Testing time ≤50s
LCD Display 110x65mm
Working Modes Normal and Saving
Power AC220V (160V- 245V), 50±1 Hz

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