PETRI DISH (CULTURE), Polystyrene.
    These Petri Dishes moulded in Polypropylene are clear & unbreakable. The moulding material being Polypropylene, these can be repeatedly autoclaved. The ridges on the inner side of the cap prevent the base from sticking to the cap.
Item Code Size
P50.0050 50mm
P50.0075 75mm
P50.0100 100mm
P50.0125 125mm
P50.0150 150mm
    These transparent, ready to disposable Petri Dishes are made of optical clear, non-toxic, Polystyrene. These Petri Dishes packed individually in Polyethylene bags sterilized by radiation / E.T.O.
Item Code Size
P120.35RS Petri Dish (Disposable) , 35mm Radiation Stz.
P120.60RS Petri Dish (Disposable) , 60mm Radiation Stz.
P120.90RS Petri Dish (Disposable) , 90mm Radiation Stz.
    This Rack is clear acrylic construction with white Polycarbonate Posts. It has a capacity to hold 60 Petri Dishes of 90mm size. This rack is very useful during inoculation, incubation & storage. Visibility from all sides enables the culture to be seen & checked during incubation.
Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
Item Code Description
P120.060 RACK Rack For 60mm Petri Dishes
P120.090 RACK Rack For 90mm Petri Dishes

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