Test Tubes glassware

Test Tube with Rim
Item Code Size
G180.1075 10x75mm
G180.1210 12x100mm
G180.1275 12x75mm
G180.1512 15x125mm
G180.1515 15x150mm
G180.1815 18x150mm
G180.2510 25x100mm
G180.2515 25x150mm
G180.2520 25x200mm
G180.3220 32x200mm
G180.3820 38x200mm

Test Tube with Rim Borosilicate
Item Code Size
G176.1075 10x75mm
G176.1210 12x100mm
G176.1275 12x75mm
G176.1512 15x125mm
G176.1515 15x150mm
G176.1815 18x150mm
G176.2510 25x100mm
G176.2515 25x150mm
G176.2520 25x200mm
G176.3220 32x200mm
G176.3820 38x200mm

Test Tube without Rim
Item Code Size
G183.1075 10x75mm
G183.1210 12x100mm
G183.1275 12x75mm
G183.1512 15x125mm
G183.1515 15x150mm
G183.1815 18x150mm
G183.2510 25x100mm
G183.2515 25x150mm
G183.2520 25x200mm
G183.3220 32x200mm
G183.3820 38x200mm

Test Tube without Rim Borosilicate
Item Code Size
G178.1075 10x75mm
G178.1210 12x100mm
G178.1275 12x75mm
G178.1512 15x125mm
G178.1515 15x150mm
G178.1815 18x150mm
G178.2510 25x100mm
G178.2515 25x150mm
G178.2520 25x200mm
G178.3220 32x200mm
G178.3820 38x200mm

Tube culture, Media with Cap
Item Code Capacity
G186.0010 10ml
G186.0030 30ml
G186.0060 60ml

Tubes, centrifuge graduated
Item Code Capacity
G170.0015 15ml
G170.0050 50ml

Tubes, centrifuge with stopper
Item Code Capacity
G173.0015 15ml
G173.0050 50ml

Tubes, Culture, Media with Cap
Item Code Capacity
G188.0015 15ml
G188.0030 30ml

G165.2021 : Tubes, Blood Sugar, Folin
  • Tubes, Blood Sugar, Folin
Material : Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
Item Code Capacity
G165.2021 20x215mm

G168.0015 : Tubes, Centrifuge Plain
  • Tubes, Centrifuge Plain
Material : Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
Item Code Capacity
G168.0015 15ml

G167.2520 : Tubes, Digestion, Folin
  • Tubes, Digestion, Folin
Material : Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
Item Code Capacity
G167.2520 25x200mm


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