Co-axial Research Microscopes

MC614 : Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Binocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope with quadruple revolving nosepiece, equipped with Binocular Observation Head and best quality optical components having full prismatic optical path, large co-axial mechanical stage of size 165mm x 180mm, co-axial coarse & fine focussing knobs with adjustable tension control ring, variable intensity controlled built in base solid-state transformer, fitted with 6V 20 watts halogen bulb and illumination based on Keohler's system. Supplied with following optical combination in a storing box.

  • Observation Head : 45° inclined Binocular head interchangeable with Monocular or Trinocular observation head.
  • Nosepiece : Quadruple revolving turret nosepiece with positive accurate click stops.
  • Stage : Oversize plain stage 180 x 150mm with 2 extension plates 150 x 65mm for large bottles and microfilter work.
  • Illumination : Based on Koehler's system is provided by a post-mounted high intensity 6 volts 20 watts Halogen illuminator.
  • Objectives : Achromatic 5x, 10x, LWD20x & LWD40XSL.
  • Eyepieces : HWF 10x (paired) with eye guards.

Research Microscope Co-Axial

This is the latest and most advanced Microscope for analytical and research work in Colleges, Laboratories, Hospital and Research Institution. Microscopes are equipped with Co-axial focussing system and halogen illumination for bright and sharp image.Robust construction with focussing knobs on both sides, this microscope is based on a 4-stage gear reduction system travelling on Ball-guides, the CO-AXIAL FOCUSING SYSTEM provides the highest degree of working convenience. Large base with built-in hand rest contours provides stability to the instrument, having built-in base. 6V-20W Halogen bulb operates on 220 volts or 100volts. Light source is provided with on/off switch and the light intensity regulator.

  • Nosepiece : Quadruple nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops.
  • Stage - Built in graduated mechanical stage of 135x140mm for easy and smooth scan of specimen slide over range of 50x70mm
  • Illumination - 6V-20W halogen lamp, 220/110Volts. Mirror attachment for working in day light
  • Objectives - Achromatic DIN Size 4X - 10X- 40X SL and 100X SL Oil immersion
  • Eyepieces - DIN Size Wide field WF 10X and H5X or H6X or H15X (any two pairs)
  • Packing - The Microscopes are packed in full mould Styrofoam Boxes with Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, Filter, Immersion Oil and Operating Manual."
Item Code Type
MC613 Trinocular Research Microscope (no change in image) RXL-4T Observation Head - 45°inclined Trinocular head rotatable through 360°.
MC613a Monocular Research Microscope (new Image) RXL-4 Observation Head - 45° inclined Monocular head rotatable through 360°.
MC613b Binocular Research Microscope (new Image) RXL-4B Observation Head - 45° inclined Binocular head rotatable through 360°.


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