Moulded in Polypropylene, this staining Box helps in staining, fixing, de-staining and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes. Box as well as cover will resist temperature from -70ºC to +70ºC. The LDPE plug provides leakproof seal and allows easy liquid drainage.

    Code : P154.121250 Description : 125 x 125 x 50 mm.
    Needless to say, NET brand Laboratory Tray moulded in Polypropylene is a multipurpose tray that can be used for sterilizing, drying glassware, Porcelain ware & other laboratory instruments. These steam autoclavable trays have tapered walls which prove good for nesting.
Item Code Size
P193.373075 375 x 300 x 75 mm
P193.453575 450 x 350 x 75 mm
    NET brand Plantation Pots, moulded in polypropylene, are available in four different sizes. These pots have a downward extended rim which provide convenient lifting even if the pot is filled. The bottom of the pot is provided with holes for drain purpose.
Item Code Size
P190.0100 100mm
P190.0150 150mm
P190.0200 200mm
P190.0250 250mm
    These Troughs, made of Polypropylene, are autoclavable and are available in different sizes. These can be used for a wide range of purposes including storage, sterilizing & drying labware etc.
Item Code Title
P188.1860 Pneumatic Trough, Ø-180 X h-60mm
P188.2010 Pneumatic Trough, Ø-200 X h-100mm
P188.2510 Pneumatic Trough, Ø-250 X h-100mm
    These Storage Boxes, made of Polypropylene, prove to be an excellent option for storage of different powdered reagents & other material in the laboratory. Square shape of these boxes help in saving shelf space. Available in two different sizes, these boxes have polypropylene caps, are autoclavable, provide good chemical resistance & heavy duty service.
Item Code Capacity
P205.0250 250ml
P205.0500 500ml
P205.1000 1000ml
    This autoclavable Polypropylene Tray has a unique feature i.e. its handle which proves really helpful in carrying reagents or laboratory apparatus from one place to another, single handedly.

    Size : 380 x 240 x 115 mm
    Blown in Polypropylene, this Pot is used for making Leclanche Cell. This Pot too has very good contact clarity & excellent chemical resistance.
Material :Polypropylene (PP)
Item Code Description
P209.0001 Laclanche Cell Pot
    Simple Cell Pot, as the name suggests, is used for making Simple Cells & Voltmeters etc. Moulded in Polypropylene, this Pot has very good contact clarity and excellent chemical resistance. Being in Polypropylene, this Pot is much durable than the one used conventionally.
Material :Polypropylene (PP)
Item Code Description
P207.0001 Simple Cell Pot
    Magents Box is very often used in tissue culture & agricultural research experiments. Main body of this box is made of tough & transparent Polycarbonate which provides excellent view of the contents inside while the cover is made of Polypropylene. This autoclavable box is square in shape giving itself a space saving feature.

    Description: 380 x 240 x 115 mm.
Material :Polycarbonate / Polypropylene (PC/PP)
Item Code Description
P198.0001 Magenta Box
    Adding to the already existing range of autoclavable laboratories trays, is the Utility Tray and as the name suggests this polypropylene Tray can be utilised for purposes ranging from drying glassware to sterilizing and to store any laboratory apparatus.
Material :Polypropylene (PP)
Item Code Description
P195.373075 375 x 350 x 130 mm
    Moulded in Polypropylene, this autoclavable Reagent Reservoir is helpful for multi-channel pipettes to be used into microtiter plates.
Material :Polypropylene (PP)
Item Code Description
P149.0075 75 ml

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