Item Code Capacity Type Material
P3.0025 25ml Least Count 5 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.0050 50ml Least Count 5 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.0100 100ml Least Count 5 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.0250 250ml Least Count 10 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.0500 500ml Least Count 10 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.1000 1000ml Least Count 20 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.2000  2000ml Least Count 50 Polypropylene(PP)
P3.5000 5000ml Least Count 200 Polypropylene(PP)
P5.0050 50ml Least Count 5 TPX
P5.0100 100ml Least Count 5 TPX
P5.0250 250ml Least Count 10 TPX
P5.0500 500ml Least Count 10 TPX
P5.1000 1000ml Least Count 20 TPX
P5.2000 2000ml Least Count 50 TPX
P5.5000 5000ml Least Count 200 TPX
  • NET Brand Beakers, moulded in Polypropylene, have excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance.
  • These autoclavable Beakers have prominently raised graduations on the outer surface.
  • Pouring a solutions becomes very convenient because of its tapered spout.
Item Code Capacity
P1.0050 50ml
P1.0100 100ml
P1.0250 250ml
P1.0500 500ml
P1.1000 1000ml
P1.2000 2000ml

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