NET expertise in designing and manufacturing Keratometer that are used for measuring the curvature of the cornea for pre and post-surgical analysis and contact lens fitting. These keratometer are designed using latest technology and are thus reckoned for their ease of usage and accurate readings.

    Technical Specifications

  • Coincidence focusing system . Positive measurement to 0.02mm accuracy.
  • 15x wide angle piece
  • One position instrument. Measure both meridians without changing optical system.
  • Simple vertical adjustable head to fit patient.
  • Two way adjustable head and chin rests.
  • Dual eye -level sighting system. Facilitates horizontal alignment.
  • Positive fixation.
  • Permit rapid measurement of central corneal area.
  • Precession objectives for durability
  • Achromatic Lenses.
  • Measuring range: Radius of curvature, 9.4-6.4mm (in 0.05mm steps) and Diopter 36-52(in 0.025steps)
  • Guarantee for one year.


  • Height : 16"
  • Weight : 7KGS
  • Length : 19"
  • Width : 7"
  • Colour / Finish : Black
  • Standard Accessories : Dust Cover, Two spares bulbs
  • Optional Accessories at extra cost : Tripod stand/ Motorised instrument table.

NET Lensometer/Lensmeter offers simple and easy scale reading system for checking the sphere, cylinder, or axis of a lens. These lensometers are suitable for determining the power of an existing prescription lens to ascertain their right prescription. It comes with the LED technology and a sturdy mechanical design.

    Features :

  • Large diameter measuring knob with easy to read diopter scale.
  • New design lens holding device.
  • Convenient lens marking system.
  • Precision Optics.

  • Technical Specifications

  • Type : Ocular, External Reading
  • Vertex Power scale : 0 to +24 Dioptres , Marked in 0.25 steps upto 10D, 0.50 steps beyonds 10D
  • Cylinder Axis : 0 to 180degree in degree increments.
  • Prism Diopter Scale : 5 Prism Diopter, in 1 Diopter increment
  • Lens Size : Upto 90mm
  • Eyepiece Adjustment : Possible
  • Tilting : Possible, Continously variable from 30 to 90 degree
  • Finish : Staples Cream
  • Power Supply : 3Volt DC(two pencil cells)
  • Weight : 4.5Kgs
  • Size : Length 20cms,Height 22cms,Width 12cm
  • Accessories : Vinyl cover : One
                             Spare lamps: Two

Net slit lamp microscopes are used by ophthalmologists to directly examine the eyes of a patient under the magnification of a binocular microscope.

    Illumination Unit:

  • Slit image rotation :0° to 180°
  • Tilting Illumination :Upto 20°
  • Filter Disc : Cobalt Filter, Green Filter, Yellow Filter, Two open apertures
  • Slit diaphragm disc :Six aperture of 12,9,6,3 & 0.2mm and a wedge shaped diaphragm for infinitely variable slit lengths.
  • Halogen Lamp : 12V,50 or 6V,20 Watts.

  • Standard Accessories

  • 15x Eyepiece
  • Dust Cover
  • Plastic Breath shield
  • Present Hruby Lens
  • Central Screen bar
  • Replacing Lamp (1 pc for illumination unit )
  • Replacing Mirror
  • Fuse

  • Optional Accessories

  • Applanation Tonometer
  • Mechanical / Motorised Table

NET superior Trial lens set used for various testing and diagnostic applications of eye ailments. They are appropriate for the examination of the refractive errors of the human eyes like myopia, hyperopic, astigmatism and presbyopia. They are also suitable for the testing of strabismus and color blindness. NET trial lens set are appropriate for any ophthalmology department as it is the basic tool for testing the human eyes.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Spherical Lenses with handle on rims
  • 32pairs +/- 0.12 to 20sph
  • 20pairs +/- 0.12 to 06cyl
  • 10 Prisms upto 12
  • 07standard accessories
  • Inbuilt cool illumination
  • Supplied in beautiful wooden case with classy sunmica top and polished surface with rising tray.
Item Code Type
DP334 Adjustable Trial Frame - NET light weight adjustable trial frame for reduced aperture lenses.

NET Rotating Vision Testing Drum suitable to observe ophthalmic related problems. Drum is very strong, Sturdy and durable with metal body and plastic brackets. It is internally printed according to snellen chart Available in all Indian Language for 3 meter with the following Tests:

  • Duochrome Test
  • Friend Test
  • Spot Light Test
  • Worths Four Dots Test
  • Weight-4Kg, Size:8"x10"x27"
  • Remote Control
  • Electrically operated from 6 meters distance with automatic switch
Item Code Type  
DP319A Manual, Without Remote Control Rotating Eye Testing Drum
  • Model is strong, Sturdy and durable with internal printing (according to snellen charts)
  • Square in shape with the automatics Micro Switch
  • Direct from 220Volts
  • Available in all Indian languages
  • Near vision test type for illiterates and children
  • Dotts, Rings, Animals, Numericals
  • Douchrome test with Red & Green filters
  • Apparatus has been scientifically designed to eliminate stress on the eyes and makes reading easier through illuminated panels.
  • A bracket is also provided which can be fixed on the wall
  • It's automatically gets illuminated when lifted from the bracket and switches off when placed on it.
  • Weight 400grams
Item Code Type  
DP314 Snellen Chart Single Sided (for literate ) Snellen Chart
DP315 Snellen Chart Single Sided (for Illiterate )  
DP316 Snellen Chart Double Sided (for literate & Illiterate )  
DP317 Snellen Chart Box With Light Rotatable Snellen Chart

They have been A+ in quality, pricing and after sales service...

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