X-Ray Accessories

X-Ray Viewer, LED SLIM (with Dimmer & Sensor)

Standard Features:

Item Code DP302SA DP312SA DP318SA DP320SA
View Single Film Two Film Three Film Four Film
View Area Inches 14Lx17H 28Lx17H 42Lx17H 56Lx17H
Power Supply 30W 60W 90W 120W
Thickness 25mm
Light Source LED
Brightness Colour 10,000 Lux
Temperature 8000K
LED Life 100,000 Hours
Voltage AC 110-230V (50Hz)

X-Ray View Box, LED (with Dimmer & Sensor)
Item Code DP302B DP312B DP318B DP320B
View Single Film Two Film Three Film Four Film
View Area Inches 14Lx17H 28Lx17H 42Lx17H 56Lx17H
Power Supply 40W 80W 120W 160W
Thickness 45mm
Light Source LED
Brightness Colour 15,000 Lux
Temperature 7000K
LED Life 100,000 Hours
Voltage AC 110-230V (50Hz)

DP324 : X-Ray Protective Glasses

The glasses are available for protecting the eyes of the practitioner against X-ray during the Radio Graphic Diagnosis and Interventional Treatment.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm

DP326 : Lead Gloves

Lead Gloves have seamless surface that does not allow any radiation to leak in. Convenient to wear and discard.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm

DP322 : Lead Apron - Wrap Around (Full Protection - Partial Over Lap)

Standard Features:

Partial Overlap (Wrap Around Lead Apron) offers the highest level of radiation protection. The Apron with padded shoulder, elastic waist belt and partial over lap design is securely fastened at the front with an adjustable hook and loop closure. Partial Overlap portion has double value lead.

  • Lead Protection Level
  • Front : 0.35mm
  • Back : 0.25mm
Full Protection Wrap Around Apron (One Piece)
Size Length Chest Shoulder
XS 34" 38" 15½"
S 35" 40" 16"
M 37" 42" 16½"
L 39" 44" 17"
XL 41" 48" 18"
XXL 43" 52" 19"

DP323 : Lead Apron - Velcro Type (Frontal Protection)

Standard Features:

Frontal Protection Lead Apron comprise of a front panel covering the torso from the neck to the thigh. Apron with a criss-cross back design is securely fastened at the front with an adjustable hook and loop closure. This style is convenient because it allows for easy and quick donning and removal of the apron while providing a comfortable and customizable fit. Used in radiation environments, where back of the wearer will not be exposed to radiation source.

  • Lead Protection Level
  • Front: 0.35mm
Frontal Protection Apron (One Piece)
Size Length Width Shoulder
XS 34" 20" 14"
S 35" 22" 14½"
M 37" 24" 16
L 39" 24" 18½"
XL 41" 26" 20½"
XXL 43" 28" 21½"

DP325 : Thyroid Collars

Standard Features:

Thyroid collar provide protection for the neck and thyroid area. It helps to reduce patient exposure during intraoral radiography.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm
Thyroid Collar (Hat Style)
Size Width Lenght Strap Lenght Strap Widht
Child 7½" 3½" 20" 2"
Adult 9½" 5" 23" 2½"

DP353 : Head Shield

Standard Features:

Head Shield is designed for Adults to protect head from radiation exposure. It covers the sides of the head and forehead. Adjustable tie closure at the back.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm

DP330 : Gonad Shield

Standard Features:

Gonad Shield is designed for Adults to protect gonadal area from radiation exposure. The three tie closure design allow it to securely fasten around the patient's waist or hips. It has adjustable strap type belt with attached buckle.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm

DP332 : Ovary Shield

Standard Features:

Ovary Shield is designed to protect Ovaries from radiation exposure. The strap-type belt with an attached buckle is a convenient mechanism to securely fasten the shield around the waist. The shield consist of detachable patches. Patches are available in three sizes- Neonate, Child and Adults.

  • Lead Protection Level : 0.35 mm

DP327 : X-Ray Cassettes

Made of specified aluminum alloy frame, specified engineering plastics and high-stamina aluminum plate.

Item Code Size
DP327a 6.5"X8.5"
DP327b 8"X10"
DP327c 10"X12"
DP327d 14"X17"
DP327e 12"X15"
DP327f 14"X14"

DP327IS : X-Ray Film Cassette With Intensifying Ultra Screen

Standard Features:

Item Code Size
DP327IS-A 30 x 40cm
DP327IS-B 35 x 35cm
DP327IS-C 35 x 43cm
DP327IS-D 24 x 30cm

DP328 : X-Ray Hangers

Made of Stainless Steel

Item Code Size
DP328a 6.5"X8.5"
DP328b 8"X10"
DP328c 10"X12"
DP328d 14"X17"
DP328e 12"X15"
DP328f 14"X14"

DP340 : Apron Stand for 5 Aprons

Standard Features:

  • Made of Stainless Steel, Floor Type with wheels

Note: Apron Stand also available for 3, 7 Aprons. Wall mounted type Apron Stand also available

DP341 : Chest Stand Floor Model

Standard Features:

  • Made of Steel

Note:Wall mounted Chest Stand also available.

DP352 : Lead Letters
  • 0 to 9, A to Z, L / R


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