X Ray Accessories

X-Ray Viewer, Flourescent Tubes, Plastic Body

Standard Features:

  • Stethoscope, regular, lightweight aluminium chestpiece external non chill ring.
Item Code Type
DP301 X-Ray Viewer Single Film
DP311 X-Ray Viewer Double Film
DP313 X-Ray Viewer Triple Film
DP321 X-Ray Viewer Four Film

X-Ray Viewer, LED
Item Code Type
DP302a X-Ray Viewer Single Film.
DP312a X-Ray Viewer Double Film.
DP318a X-Ray Viewer Triple Film.
DP320a X-Ray Viewer Four Film.

DP324 - X-Ray Protective Glasses

The glasses are available for protecting the eyes of the practitioner against X-ray during the Radio Graphic Diagnosis and Interventional Treatment.

DP326 - Lead Gloves

Lead Gloves have seamless surface that does not allow any radiation to leak in. Convenient to wear and discard.

DP322 - Lead Apron - Wrap Around

Standard Features:

  • Lead Apron is specially designed for surgeons.
  • It gives protection to the whole body.
  • Provides very less fatigue and freedom of movement.

DP323 : Lead Apron - Velcro Type

Standard Features:

  • It is designed to provide efficacious shield against radiation during X-ray process.
  • Provide very less fatigue and freedom of movement

DP325 - Thyroid Collars

Standard Features:

  • Thyroid collars provide protection for the neck and thyroid area.
  • It helps to reduce patient exposure during intraoral radiography.

DP330 - Gonad Shield

Standard Features:

  • Ideal to protect the Male/Female reproductive organ
  • Available in one-size-fits-all and child sizes
  • Designed for ease of wear and removal

DP332 - Ovary Shield

Standard Features:

  • Ideal to protect the Male/Female reproductive organ
  • Available in one-size-fits-all and child sizes
  • Designed for ease of wear and removal

DP327 - X Ray Cassettes

Made of specified aluminum alloy frame, specified engineering plastics and high-stamina aluminum plate.

Item Code Size
DP327a 6.5"X8.5"
DP327b 8"X10"
DP327c 10"X12"
DP327d 14"X17"
DP327e 12"X15"
DP327f 14"X14"

DP328 - X-Ray Hangers

Made of Stainless Steel

Item Code Size
DP328a 6.5"X8.5"
DP328b 8"X10"
DP328c 10"X12"
DP328d 14"X17"
DP328e 12"X15"
DP328f 14"X14"

DP340 - Apron Stand for 5 Aprons

Standard Features:

  • Made of Stainless Steel, Floor Type with wheels

Note: Apron Stand also available for 3, 7 Aprons. Wall mounted type Apron Stand also available

DP341 - Chest Stand Floor Model

Standard Features:

  • Made of Steel

Note:Wall mounted Chest Stand also available.

DP352 - Lead Letters
  • 0 to 9, A to Z, L / R


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