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MF115 : Pocket Magnifier

A general purpose magnifier commonly used as an inspection tool and a reading aid. The lens swivels out of a protective case which can be used as a handle. The unit has a break-resistant lens which is made of optical grade acrylic. A magnifier that you can conveniently carry in your pocket.

Standard Features:

  • Magnification : 3x.
  • Field of View : 20mm. x 20mm.
  • Working Distance : 40mm.

Fresnel Book Magnifier

Having a large field of view enables rapid reading of printed matter such as newspapers, paper back books, fine legal print etc. Separately sold stand keeps users hand free and allows lens to be kept in any desired position. The vinyl case ensures safety of the lens. This magnifier is available in 2 models.

Item Code Type
MF103A Magnification : 2x, Field of View : 160mm x 90mm, Working Distance :120mm
MF103B Magnification : 1.75x, Field of View : 250mm x 150mm, Working Distance : 250mm

MF104 : Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier

It has a large sized (130mm dia.) precision glass lens and a 22 watt circular tube light mounted around the lens. The lens-light assembly is mounted on a spring balanced stand with feather touch movements and a reach of 900mm, allowing the lens to be placed in any position and freeing both hands of the observer for work. It is an ideal aid for inspection, quality work in electronics, instrumentation and precision engineering industries, gems and jewellery, laboratories, finger print bureaus, archaeology, geology, zoology and hospitals. We offer a choice of 7 different types of bases and an increased magnification (3.5x) spot lens, to suite different applications.

  • Magnification : 2x (3.5x).
  • Field of View : 230mm.
  • Working Distance : 250mm.

MF131 : Cutaway Stand Magnifier

This economical and handy magnifier uses precision moulded acrylic lenses. A cutaway, clear acrylic stand allows ambient light and easy accessibility of tools to the object for critical touch-up or minute mechanical operations. Has a spiral twist focus enabling individual eye adjustment, and a focus lock ring. A useful magnifier for printers, photographers, graphic artists, and designers.

  • Magnification : 6x.
  • Field of View : 22mm.
  • Working Distance : 25mm.

Graticule Magnifier

A sophisticated high power stand magnifier with a graticule (reticle) holding attachment. Uses highly corrected precision optics to give fully colour corrected distortion-free and perfectly flat field upto the edge. Has a clear acrylic stand that allows ambient light illumination of object and graticule. Provided with spiral twist mechanism for precision focusing, and a focus lock ring. Ideal for engineering applications like checking small parts, linear measurements, angles, hole diameters, thread size and thickness. With the appropriate graticule it is an invaluable aid as graphic arts comparator for type, spacing and size. Also useful for proof reading and editing, aerial photo checking and geological sand checking. A choice of fifteen different graticules is available for varied applications. The unit is provided with protective moulded case and a dust cover.

  • Magnification : 8x.
  • Field of View : 22mm.
  • Working Distance : 20mm.
Item Code Type
MF113 Graticule Magnifier Graticule Magnifier
MF114 Same as MF113, but it is built into a torch type housing for illumination and is useful when ambient light is inadequate. The product has been designed to accept standard penlight cells and torch bulbs that are readily available.

MF108 : Directory Reader Magnifier

Useful for reading telephone directory, computer printout, newspaper or any fine print or matter laid out in a linear format. Features a break-resistant acrylic lens with a linear scale on it to help align and measure printed matter being observed.

  • Magnification : 2x.
  • Field of View : 120mm x 15mm.
  • Working Distance : Nil (in contact with print).

MF116 : Deluxe Pocket Magnifier

Used for detailed examinations by jewellers, geologists, engravers, machinists, manufacturers, dermatologists, and hobbyists. Being small (30x50mm) and light weight (14gms) it is very convenient to carry in ones pocket. The case of the lens serves the dual purpose of protecting the lens when closed and acting as handle when open. This magnifier can be provided with a spring wire clamp which enables the user to mount the magnifier on a key-chain ring.

  • Magnification : 2x.
  • Field of View : 20mm.
  • Working Distance : 30mm.


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