Finger Splints Deluxe Series

RH8001 - Finger Cot

Size : S, M, L

Feature :
  • "U" shaped design for easy application.
  • Design allows further taping.
  • Keeps the finger immobilized in straight position.
Indications :
  • Finger tip injuries.
  • Nail injuries.
  • Burn care.

RH8002 - Frog Splint

Size : S, M, L

  • Constructed of malleable aluminium with foam padding.
  • Design allows finger to be held in desired alignment.
  • Hyperflexion injuries.
  • Collateral ligament injuries of Distal Inter- phallengeal joint.

RH8003 - Baseball Splint

Size : S, M, L

  • For use in fractures of the distal phalanx.
  • Malleable aluminium for strength and ease.
  • Closed-cell eva foam.
  • Resistant to most fluids.
Indications :
  • Relieves strain and friction.
  • Helps in balancing phallengeal joints.

RH8004 - Stax Mallet

Size : S, M, L

  • Splint keeps the Distal Inter phallengeal (DIP) join in approximately 100 of hyperextension.
  • Made of engineering plastic that is durable and contains ventilation holes.
Indications :
  • Hyper-flexion injuries like mallet finger.

RH8005 - Spoon Splint

Size :S, M, L

  • Aluminium splint curves upward at tip to protect end of finger.
  • Foam padding provides patient comfort and eliminates bulky dressing.
  • Used to conform finger in semi-flexed position for transverse fractures of phalanges when extension is not required.
Indications :
  • Helps in correction of disfigurement of finger.

RH8006 - Protector Splint

Size : S, M, L

Feature :
  • Four metal sides.
  • Cushioning on the inner part.
  • Fits securely onto a finger.
Indications :
  • Used for injuries to the finger tips.

RH8007 - Extension Splint

Size :S, M, L

Feature :
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Made with mallable aluminium.
  • Fits any finger or thumb.
  • Stabilizes fractures.
  • Immobilizes after injuries.

RH8008 - Flexion Splint

Size : Universal

Feature :
  • Finger friendly, wire construction for anatomically favourable splinting.
  • Better quality foam padding for comfort.
  • Unique structure allows minor modification for size accommodation.
Indications :
  • Prevention of extension contracture by keeping proximal inter phallengeal (PIP) joint.

RH8011 - Finger Exerciser

Size : Universal

Feature :
  • Light weight & pre-molded splint.
  • Detachable Springs to provide strength to fingers as per patient comfort.
Indications :
  • For affected fingers in case of surgery, paralysis.


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