Dressing Drums - Stainless Steel

Hospital Dressing Drums - Stainless Steel
  • Dressing Drum, domed top and bottom with sliding removable band and drop down-hasps (stainless steel).
Item Code Size Inches Type
SE600 6x4 Regular
SE601 6x4 Deluxe
SE610 6x6 Regular
SE611 6x6 Deluxe
SE612 6x6 Seamless
SE620 7x5 Regular
SE621 7x5 Deluxe
SE640 8x6 Regular
SE641 8x6 Deluxe
SE650 8x8 Regular
SE651 8x8 Deluxe
SE660 9x5 Regular
SE661 9x5 Deluxe
SE662 9x5 Seamless
SE670 9x6 Regular
SE671 9x6 Deluxe
SE680 9x9 Regular
SE681 9x9 Deluxe
SE682 9x9 Seamless
SE690 10x9 Regular
SE691 10x9 Deluxe
SE700 11x5 Regular
SE701 11x5 Deluxe
SE702 11x5 Seamless
SE710 11x9 Regular
SE711 11x9 Deluxe
SE712 11x9 Seamless
SE720 12x9 Regular
SE721 12x9 Deluxe
SE730 12x10 Regular
SE731 12x10 Deluxe
SE740 12x12 Regular
SE741 12x12 Deluxe
SE750 14x9 Regular
SE751 14x9 Deluxe
SE752 14x9 Seamless
SE760 14x11 Regular
SE761 14x11 Deluxe
SE770 14x12 Regular
SE771 14x12 Deluxe
SE780 15x9 Regular
SE781 15x9 Deluxe
SE790 15x11 Regular
SE791 15x11 Deluxe
SE800 15x12 Regular
SE801 15x12 Deluxe
SE802 15x12 Seamless
* Sizes are approximate


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