Sterilization Pouch

Sterilization Flat Roll
Item Code Dimensions
AU632A 50mm x 200m
AU632B 75mm x 200m
AU632C 100mm x 200m
AU632D 150mm x 200m
AU632E 200mm x 200m
AU632F 250mm x 200m
AU632G 300mm x 200m
AU632H 350mm x 200m
AU632I 400mm x 200m

Medical Sterilization Wrapping Paper / Medical Crepe Paper
  • Material : Cellulose Waterproof, Strong Bacteria Resistance, As per ISO11607 and EN868 Standard
Item Code Dimensions
NCP-30 30cm x 30cm
NCP-40 40cm x 40cm
NCP-45 45cm x 45cm
NCP-50 50cm x 50cm
NCP-60 60cm x 60cm
NCP-75 75cm x 75cm
NCP-90 90cm x 90cm
NCP-100 100cm x 100cm
NCP-120 120cm x 120cm

Medical Sterilization Wrapping Paper
Item Code Dimensions
AU634A 30cm x 30cm
AU634B 40cm x 40cm
AU634C 45cm x 45cm
AU634D 50cm x 50cm
AU634E 60cm x 60cm
AU634F 75cm x 75cm
AU634G 90cm x 90cm
AU634H 100cm x 100cm
AU634I 120cm x 120cm

Heat Sealing Sterilization Pouch
  • Medical Pouches to suit various sterilization methods.
  • Peelable and Non-peelable available
Item Code Dimensions
AU618A 100mm x 145mm
AU618B 75mm x 270mm
AU618C 100mm x 200mm
AU618D 140mm x 305mm
AU618E 90mm x 230mm
AU618F 130mm x 250mm
AU618G 190mm x 330mm
AU618H 290mm x 400mm

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch
  • Easy Identification of contents through the transparent medical film. The Paper offers a superior barrier against contamination prior to use.
Item Code Dimensions
AU631A 133mm x 360mm
AU631B 90mm x 230mm
AU631C 135mm x 250mm
AU631D 190mm x 330mm
AU631E 305mm x 380mm
AU631F 90mm x 560mm
AU631G 57mm x 130mm
AU631H 70mm x 260mm
AU631I 90mm x 165mm
AU631J 90mm x 260mm
AU631K 135mm x 280mm
AU631L 190mm x 360mm
AU631M 200mm x 320mm
AU631N 200mm x 360mm


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