Hypodermic Needles and Syringes

Disposable Hypodermic Needles - Orange Series
  • Stainless steel -304.
  • Excellent and stable penetration force .
  • Needle hub is color coded for different sizes for quick identification.
Code Needle gauze
DS5030 30G
DS5029 29G
DS5028 28G
DS5027 27G
DS5026 26G
DS5025 25G
DS5024 24G
DS5023 23G
DS5022 22G
DS5021 21G
DS5020 20G
DS5019 19G
DS5018 18G
DS5017 17G
DS5016 16G
DS5015 15G
DS5014 14G

Safety Disposables Needles
  • It can match with normal syringe in clinical injection of liquid medicine, which can effectively prevent the acupuncture accident
Code Gauze O.D.(mm) Color
DS6810 18G 1.20 Pink
DS6811 19G 1.10 Cream
DS6812 20G 0.90 Yellow
DS6813 21G 0.80 Green
DS6814 22G 0.70 Black
DS6815 23G 0.60 Blue
DS6816 24G 0.55 Purple
DS6817 25G 0.50 Orange
DS6818 26G 0.45 Brown

Disposable Insulin Syringe 1.0CC/ML
  • Ultra Fine Needle assures smooth and comfort injections.
  • I.U and CC calibration , Clear barrel.
  • Clear barrel Assures rapid, Precise volume reading.
  • Sterilized by EO.
Code Needle gauze
DS0027 27G
DS0028 28G
DS0029 29G
DS0030 30G
DS0031 31G

Insulin Syringe, 1ml
Code Size
DS541-40 Insulin Syringe 1ml, Size U-40
DS541-100 Insulin Syringe 1ml, Size U-40

Disposable Insulin Pen Needle
  • Ultra Fine Cannula for maximum patient comfort.
  • Non- Pyrogenic.
  • Sterilized by EO.
Code Needle zize
DS0130 32G X 4MM
DS0131 31G X 4MM
DS0132 31G X 5MM
DS0133 31G X 6MM
DS0134 31G X 8MM
DS0135 30G X 8MM
DS0136 30G X 10MM
DS0137 29G X 12MM

Disposable Syringe With Needles
Size 2 Part luer slip 3 Part luer slip 3 Part luer lock AD syringe with needle, 3-part Safety syringe with sliding sheath with needle
0.05ML - - - DS5303-0.05 -
0.1ML - - - DS5303-1 -
0.5ML - - - DS5303-05 -
1 ML - DS5301-1 - DS5303-1 DS5304-1
2 ML DS5300-2 DS5301-2 DS5302-2 DS5303-2 DS5304-2
3 ML DS5300-3 DS5301-3 DS5302-3 DS5303-3 DS5304-3
5 ML DS5300-5 DS5301-5 DS5302-5 DS5303-5 DS5304-5
10 ML DS5300-10 DS5301-10 DS5302-10 DS5303-10 DS5304-10
20 ML DS5300-20 DS5301-20 DS5302-20 - -
30 ML - DS5301-30 DS5302-30 - -
50 ML - DS5301-50 DS5302-50 - -


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